Friday, February 16, 2018

The Fields
1333 W. Fenbrook Ln.
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Social Hour 6:30 PM
Dinner is Served 7:00 PM
First Clues are Read 7:30 PM

Join us and LIFEDesigns for an interactive murder mystery fund raiser where you are a custom character helping your team solve the crime to win prizes! To learn more about LIFEDesigns mission and programs, visit lifedesignsinc.org.

Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery:
It is 1929, as the reign of prohibition attempts to keep the entire country dry for nearly a decade. In a seemingly sleepy Midwestern town, two feuding families of moonshiners supply high octane hooch to the nearby metropolis' mobsters. At the center of the idyllic burg is an apparently innocuous building. But with a flick of a secret switch and a whispered password, a panel opens revealing a sordid soiree of raucous revelry. The town hides more than just a clandestine speakeasy. It protects the history of a bygone era, concealing family secrets and long forgotten mysteries. The seedy gin joint is buzzing with excitement because tonight, at midnight, the two feuding families will make a truce ending decades of rivalry. As the party begins, bootlegging beauties foxtrot with big city gangsters, rabble-rousing flappers sip bathtub gin with prolific authors of the Harlem Renaissance, and impassioned Jazz singers serenade dolled up debutantes. The problem is, one of you is a murderer.

Your ticket includes: 
- Admission to the murder mystery at The Fields
- A custom written character. (You will receive a brief description of your character ahead of time for costuming purposes.)
- Two complimentary drinks (Wine by Oliver Winery & Beer by Upland).
- Hors d'oeuvres
- Multiple course dinner featuring:
        Beer cheese soup(vegetarian)
        Meatloaf (Vegetarian Shepards Pie will be available upon request.)
        Mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes and garlic
        "Copper Pennies" (marinated carrot salad with green pepper and onion, and tomato vinaigrette)
        Cabbage salad with cider vinegar and mayonnaise dressing
- A chance to win prizes (Everyone on the first place team is awarded a prize).
- Silent and live auction, and donation opportunities 

How it works:
Each player receives a character card with information pertaining to themselves, other characters, and the plot. The players are split into teams and tasked with utilizing their clues, their teammates' clues, and information that they gain from the game, to deduce the identity of the killer and the motive as well as any other crimes.

The game progresses in rounds. Each one reveals more clues to the players and allows time for them to mingle with other characters, follow up on leads, and question each other about clues. After three rounds have been completed the teams will have time to discuss and attempt to solve the crime.

Each team will then choose a spokesperson to tell the group who they think is the killer and the motive for the murder as well as any other culprits. The true plot will then be revealed and the winning team will be determined.

For any questions please email MXMWmurdermysteries@gmail.com