Instructions and Tips for Bidding:

►First Register for the Online Silent Auction 

►Next, you will receive an email and text. In that text will click your blue personal bidding link. This will direct you to our organization's page to donate and place bids.

►From here you can either search items by name or item number. You can also view the catalog of items under your View All key. There is also a categories button that will take you to a shortcut of items.

►Once you see an item you would like to place a bid on click on the item name and scroll down to the blue bid button. This will let you know the next minimum bid. You can choose to bid this amount by clicking the blue bid button and confirm your bid.

►You will receive notification in email and text form if you get outbid. This will include the link for that item to place another bid.

►You will also have the choice to watch the item. This will place this item under your My Items key on your main screen.

►If you would like to place a maximum bid, where the system will bid on your behalf until that amount is reached, you can click the Change bid amount or set a maximum bid button. Then type the amount you would like to set and place your bid. You will NOT receive outbid notifications until someone has outbid your maximum bid amount.
Have fun and happy bidding!