About Healthy LifeStars

Healthy LifeStars is a non-profit organization that is launching a generation of healthy kids through its innovative LifeStar ChallengeTM program. Healthy LifeStars’ unique goal is to motivate and educate participants, especially at risk kids, to take personal responsibility for living active, healthy lives now and in the future.

The proven LifeStar ChallengeTM targets elementary aged kids, is available online to schools and youth-serving organizations everywhere and gets results through its integrated and experience- based delivery of activities developed around three healthy life habits:
I Can Do It! (setting health goals)
I’m Active! (staying active)
I Eat Right! (good nutrition)

The LifeStar ChallengeTM focuses on personal responsibility to help kids build the skills they need to be in charge of their own healthy lives. The LifeStar ChallengeTM is engaging, rewarding and fun for participants and their families and can help them all live healthier lives.

  • Over 40,000 elementary school kids served to date.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness (per PACER).
  • Improved self-confidence and better academic performance.
  • Positive healthy habits behavior changes in kids and families. 
Healthy LifeStars Highlights Focused on obesity, which is preventable and the #1 health problem for kids, especially kids at risk. Obesity increases the likelihood of lower academic performance, illness, suffering and higher healthcare costs.

A differentiated mission and scalable model, with an ambitious goal of launching a healthy generation.

A unique program approach that focuses through partnerships, online tools and direct implementation, on motivating and educating participants to take personal responsibility for adopting and maintaining healthy habits for life and using an easy-to-use set of experiences that combine activity, nutrition and basic goal-setting.

A track record of success based on measurable outcomes.A passionate, accountable board, community partners and leadership with extensive experience in both the for- profit and nonprofit sectors.

Kids and their families love it!
Mission and Vision
Mission: Motivate and educate kids to live active, healthy lives now and in the future.

Vision: By 2020, launch a generation of LifeStars who know how to live active, healthy lives and take responsibility for doing it every day.

Purpose: To build kids’ ambition, confidence and ability to exhibit healthy habits today and throughout their lives. Expressed in the brand promise/tagline – Inspiring Kids for LifeTM
Learn More Visit www.healthylifestars.org to learn more about The LifeStar ChallengeTM and how to partner with us in growing a generation of kids into LifeStars or contact Suzanne Herrmann at 602 252-3454 for more information.