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STAND WITH US is a campaign started by Jennifer Ritman, President and Owner of Ritman & Associates in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

AWF will use the funds in a variety of ways that support African communities & wildlife: building schools, employing the people in jobs that depend on the livelihood of the animals, tracking the migratory patterns of the wildlife to protect communities, as well as working with governmental agencies to develop stronger legislation that protects the wildlife.


Jennifer is passionate about AWF's mission to help the African people and wildlife live in harmony.  If we as humans do not get involved and support organizations such as AWF, we will lose portions of that great continent and ultimately the majestic African animals.

 The fundraising goal is $50,000. Stand With Us by supporting this campaign.

For more information on the campaign click here 
To go to AWF and explore the wonderful things they are doing  click here